Car Industry Tycoon Mod v (unlimited coins)

Build and manage your car factory! Grow your business, earn money and produce amazing cars. Become a car factory manager and billionaire.
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Adrian Zarzycki
Aug 11, 2022
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Car Industry Tycoon Mod is a game in which you can become the owner of your own car company. At first, you will start producing different car parts but as you proceed in this game, you can buy the blueprints so that you can create your own cars. You will also be able to get the advanced car parts to create supercars and sell them in the market to earn profit. You can also collect boosters in this game that will help you create cars quickly.

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There are some boosters that will help you to increase the quality of your company. You can also change the look of your factory as you progress. You can add new compartments to your factory and can also hire new workers.

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Car Industry Tycoon is a game where you will play the role of the owner of your own car company. In this game, you will first start from creating different parts of a car and as you will start getting the profit, you can start buying blueprints and manufacture cars by yourself. You can create a variety of cars and sell them in the market to get profit.

Features of Car Industry Tycoon APK

Manage your Car Industry

You can play the role of a company owner and can manage all the different tasks in your industry. You can select the car parts that you want to manufacture and sell them in the market to earn profit.

Produce Car Parts

You can produce various parts of cars like engines, tires, cameras and video players. After creating these parts, you can sell them in the market to get profit and you can use the profit to upgrade your company.

Collect Blueprints

As you upgrade your company you will get a chance to collect blueprints. You can collect these blueprints to start manufacturing your own cars. In this way, you can get a huge profit for your company.

Manufacture Advanced Vehicles

You will also be able to collect the blueprints of Advanced vehicles like supercars and sports cars. You can use your own companies’ products to create these vehicles. While manufacturing your cars, you are free to add different types of tyres and colours to your vehicle to make them look amazing.

Upgrade for better Quality

There is an option to upgrade your car company. It will help you to enhance the quality of the products that you create so that you can have a place in the market.

Speed up the process

Sometimes creating cars can be very time consuming and if you cannot complete your order in the given time then you will have to face the consequences. You can use money to speed up the car manufacturing process.

Various events to win

There are a lot of online events in which you can participate and win amazing prizes. In these online events, you can play with the online players of this game.

Add New Machinery

You will also get a chance to add new machinery to your company so that you can manufacture amazing products. There are a total of 6 different machines and you can buy them with the help of money.

Unlimited Money

If you download the pro version of Car Industry Tycoon then you will be able to get unlimited money. In this way, you can buy all the machinery.

Why do people like Car Industry Tycoon Pro APK?

People like Car Industry Tycoon Mod APK as in this version, they can have unlimited money that will allow them to buy advanced machinery for their company. They would also be able to get all the blueprints for free so that they can create amazing cars.

Download Car Industry Tycoon Mod APK Latest Version 2023

It is the advanced version of the Car Industry tycoon. In this version, the users will get a lot of advantages. They can have access to unlimited money but the only way to get these features is to buy the pro version of this game.

Car Industry Tycoon Mod 2023 Download

You can have access to all the latest updates of this game by downloading Car Industry Tycoon APK 2023.

Final Verdict

In this game, you can use your imagination to create amazing cars. You can add different types of tires and car parts to your vehicle and if you want to get unlocked blueprints in this game then you can download Car Industry Tycoon Pro APK.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money


Q. How can I get blueprints in the Car Industry Tycoon APK?

You can use money to get blueprints.


Q. How can I improve the output of my company in the Car Industry Tycoon?

You can upgrade your company to improve its quality.

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